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The GODAN gateway was launched to help disseminate work relevant to all aspects of open data and data standards in the fields of agriculture and nutrition as widely as possible. The GODAN Gateway is open to contributions from across the research community. It publishes:


Peer reviewed articles describing open data and informatics projects relevant to agriculture and nutrition, as well as methods and tools that enable, utilise and analyse such data.


GODAN’s outputs including all policy documents, impact reports and discussion papers.


Poster and slide presentations focussed on open agriculture & nutrition.

The GODAN Gateway runs on the F1000Research platform and Authors from GODAN Partners are eligible for a 20% reduction in APCs and further discounts and waivers are offered to authors from AGORA eligible countries.

F1000Research is an open science publishing platform that offers publication within a week of submission, followed by invited expert open peer review. This model enables research findings to be made available exceptionally quickly, which is especially important when this research can help address global issues as urgent as hunger, malnutrition and agricultural sustainability. Published articles, associated data and code, and peer reviews are all openly available for others to access and use.


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