funding and sponsorship

The GODAN alliance can offer support to partners in structuring their fundraising proposals, facilitating participation at selected events, and occasionally direct sponsorship. GODAN can also advise and provide support with planning and organising events, Webinars, training programmes and other initiatives, providing seed funding and mobilising donors to further support the planned activities. Here are some examples of the support we can offer:


GODAN can support participants to go to events if they can show how they will be able to effectively advocate for open data in agriculture and nutrition.


GODAN writes letters of support for proposals that are relevant to GODAN’s mission. If this is required, please send us a template for the letter of support and we will complete it. Send us your template via email to at least one month before the letter deadline.


GODAN will promote calls for proposals from other funding organisations. To do so we will need to be provided sufficient information for us to evaluate its merits before reaching a decision. Send us your organisation’s call for proposal by e-mailing at least one month before the deadline.


GODAN can help partners prepare proposals, find expertise, advise on proposals, offer technical assistance or act as a facilitator as requested.

At this time, the GODAN Secretariat does not fund projects or help individual partner organisations acquire funding. If this changes, GODAN will make an announcement and include further information in this section of the Web site.


If you wish to donate to GODAN specifically, to support the Secretariat to fund partner organisations or open data projects, please e-mail


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